A Note on the Snooze Button

I have this habit, which I think is partly listening to my body, and partly my needing to dig deeper to find motivation on some days. The habit is this: I write a list for the day, and by the time I get to the afternoon, I’m exhausted. So I think, “I’m going to take a rest for a while before I get back to it”. Only I never get back to it, so in the end I don’t finish my to-do list for the day, and then my alarm for the next morning gets pulled slowly back to an earlier time.

Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking a break when you’re worn out. But once you’re worn out and you make this decision (to shift tasks to the next day), I do have a few pointers for actually keeping yourself on track and accountable.

A person with dark hair relaxes on a bed.
  1. Once you decide that you’re done for the day, let go. That means no laying in bed, wishing you were actually doing what you had planned to get done. No feeling guilty for not being active, and no beating yourself up. There are lots of reasons for this, but the main one is this: if you’re doing any of these things, it means you’re not actually resting. And if you’re not actually resting and relaxing, or just giving yourself a breather, then what is the point of this rest period? Just shift your tasks over mentally (or in your planner or bullet journal) to the next day, take a deep breath, and let go. Enjoy your rest time.
A tired person snuggles in bed.

2. In the morning, that alarm is still going to seem early and painful. But if you need to get up to get things done, my biggest tip is: DON’T SNOOZE. There’s lots of information here about why, but listen. In my personal experience, I’m tired when I wake up, no matter whether it’s naturally or with an alarm. But if I give myself 5, 10, 30 more minutes? I drag myself out of bed feeling even worse. Reach deep within yourself, get out of bed, and…

A person in a white tank top does yoga in a studio.

3. Have a plan for what you’ll do as soon as you get up. For me (on my best days) it’s get dressed in leggings, pee, do a quick yoga routine (meditate at the same time, kill two birds), then make a coffee and start working. In this way, I find that by the time I sit down at my desk, I’m ready to work. My brain is awake and engaged. And even though I’m tired, I have already achieved something by the time I need to start working through the to-do list. I also put the yoga on the to-do list so that I can mark a task as DONE before I even start ‘work’ for the day.

A dotted journal with a blue and a purple pen, and a cup of tea.

What are your best tips for the morning? Tell me in the comments.



Remaining Positive When Things Are Sh*tty

I wanted to write this post because sometimes life is just a bit sh*tty. Like work is stressful, or maybe you’re having a tough time with your family or friends, or maybe you struggle with anxiety (like me) and everything seems to be going wrong.

I’m not the expert here, but I know this – it’s really, really hard to stay positive and keep that ‘abundant’ mindset when you’re in one of these phases of your life, so I wanted to share some of my top tips from personal experience.

  1. Remind yourself why a positive attitude is important to you. What is it that you’re trying to achieve in your life that really, really needs you to stay focused and positive? For me, I know that not only do I have responsibilities (PhD, work, life), I also have goals and aspirations. And I’m not getting any closer to them with negative thoughts.
FlyLady cartoon
The Fly Lady

2. Get up and put on real clothes. I swear down, this is my best tip for those times when you feel overwhelmed and down and you feel like you can’t do anything. Get out of bed, take a shower, and put on real clothes. That means no sweats. Put on jeans, a bra (if you are a bra wearer), a top, a jumper, whatever. If you feel totally overwhelmed, I have gone back time and again to this great website run by The Flylady. It gives you 31 baby steps to get your house/life in order, day by day. And Day 2 is: get dressed to lace-up shoes. I know. I never wear shoes in the house, but trust me – if you put shoes on, you will feel 100% more human and productive.

3. Meditate. Maybe try the 21 Day Abundance Challenge. Or just download the Insight Timer App, which I absolutely swear by. Just giving yourself even 5-10 minutes of quiet time to breathe and relax will help you re-centre your positive brain.

A black journal closed with pens and markers next to it.

4. Make a list. I myself am a Bullet Journal addict. I write absolutely every single task down that I have to do, and I plan ahead. I track what I work on each day so I can hold myself accountable for keeping up with the varying facets of my life. Some Bullet Journallers make these incredibly intricate, beautiful works of art, but listen, I don’t have the time or the artistic talent for that. I just have my own system (work out what works for you) and over nearly 2 years I have my layout down pat. I never forget things anymore (well, tasks anyway). And I know ahead of time what I have coming up. I also write in things that I have to look forward to that KEEP ME POSITIVE.

A person with red hair wearing a black jacket sits by the lake next to a brown and white dog, watching the sunset.

5. Seek out the positive people in your life. I know that I have certain friends I can call on when my negative brain is getting the better of me, and they will pull me straight back into that positive space, simply by being who they are. If you don’t have any friends or family who are positive, happy people – find some. Or just pop onto here or onto another blog or website where you might find some positivity. It works by association.

I believe in you. And I hope your day is not sh*tty.



Books for Boss Witches

I love a good Boss Witch book. Maybe I’ll write one myself one day!

For now, though, here’s a list of my favourite Boss Witch (and Boss Bitch) books that have brought something positive to my life.

The Modern Witchcraft Book of Tarot

Skye Alexander

I love reading my own tarot cards. In fact, the only time I can remember getting into trouble at school was when I got busted doing a tarot reading for someone. I went to a Presbyterian school, and the teacher went bananas.

Anyway! This book is PERFECT. Not only is it bloody gorgeous, with thick, luscious paper and lush rough edges, it is basically the easiest to read, easiest to understand tarot book I have ever come across.

Skye Alexander has a way of describing each card that makes it simple to understand meanings while also allowing you to construct your own meanings using her guidance. That means you learn while you read. I actually keep this book at my side during meditations where I’ll be reading tarot, because I like to reference and see if my gut feelings match up with the spiritual meanings of the cards.

You Are a Badass

Jen Sincero

You can probably tell by now that I am not one to use frilly language. If you feel like your life is going nowhere and you’re frustrated and you just don’t understand what the f*ck you have to do to get it on track, this is the book for you. Jen Sincero reads like your best friend, your sister and your life coach all in one. I have recommended this book to so many people. I have BOUGHT this book for so many people. I hope they don’t think I’m being rude, but actually, I don’t care. It’s that good.

Special mention to another of Sincero’s books, You Are a Badass at Making Money.

The Universe Has Your Back

Gabrielle Bernstein

You have probably heard of Gabrielle Bernstein, because she’s like the Beyonce of the get-your-shit-together world.

She’s kind, she’s honest and she understands that life can be f*cking hard. Her life was f*cking hard. And now it’s f*cking awesome.

In here you’ll find ways to re-adjust your brain, get your meditation on and generally pull your life together, all while being incredibly inspired and having a major crush on Gabrielle.


I’ll post more books for Boss Witches soon.

In the meantime, have you read any excellent Boss Witch books?

Comment below – I need more!



The 21 Day Abundance Challenge (Deepak Chopra) Days 1 & 2

Today I behold all the abundance that surrounds me.

A wonderful friend introduced me to this amazing 21 day challenge. What I love about it are the following things:

  1. It all takes place via WhatsApp, which means I get reminders, I’m held accountable, it’s portable and simple to do.
  2. It holds me accountable to spend some time every single day to do something for my spirit.
  3. It takes me a maximum of 30 minutes. But in all honesty, you could do it in 20 if you’re in a pinch.
  4. It’s FREE!

The challenge takes place in the form of a daily task (I call it my ‘spirit homework’), and a daily ‘stand’ and mantra. For example, on Day 1, your daily stand is, “Today I behold all the abundance that surrounds me”.

It’s so simple! But you really are held accountable – in order to keep the group energy high, you have do indicate that you’ve done each task each day, and if you forget or you don’t do it, you are politely requested to depart the group so that everyone is on track. Which seems harsh, but actually is great to really keep you on your toes and remind you to TAKE THE TIME to spend on yourself, even if it’s just that 20 minutes.

You can find out more on the 21 Day Abundance Challenge here.

Have you done this challenge? Would you be interested in doing one with me? Comment below.