Monday Moonday: The 2020 Full Worm Supermoon in Virgo

Greetings, witches and pals! It’s been a minute. I’ve been knocked down with a bug (which was not the Covid-19, thanks for asking).

Anyway, today, Monday 9th March, brings us both a full moon AND a Supermoon, in Virgo, AND we’re still in MRx, AND Friday is the 13th. Let’s talk about all this f*ckery.

The Supermoon

What exactly is a ‘Supermoon’? Well, it basically means that the moon is essentially closer to Earth, which means it looks bigger and brighter than your average full moon (although, in our line of thinking, is any moon really average?). And why is it called the ‘Worm Moon’? Because Spring is sprung, witches and friends – the little wormies and grubs are coming out of their deep Wintry hidey-holes to start getting the soil ready for planting of Springtime crops. CUTE.

The Moon is in Virgo

If you are a regular reader of OBW, you’ll know that I am a Virgo. Not the type of Virgo who has a clean house (I do, but that’s because my Sagi partner is wonderful and does it). I’m actually rubbish at tidying and cleaning, as said partner and my parents can definitely attest. It does not come naturally to me.

Image by Enrique Meseguer from Pixabay

What does, however, come naturally to me, is that Virgoan need to keeps things mentally and emotionally tidy. I hate conflict, but I would prefer to address something and get it sorted out than leaving things to fester. If I’m feeling a twinge of jealousy, I tend to catch myself, analyse the feelings and then do something to get rid of that green-eyed monster. This month’s saying is one of my old faves (which is notoriously hard to attribute properly): a variation of, “You can’t drink the poison and expect your enemy to die”. Because holding onto sh*t feelings only makes you feel sh*t – it’s not going to punish anyone else.

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

So the point is, it’s Virgo moon time, which means it’s time to get your sh*t together, de-clutter physically, mentally and emotionally, organise your life and stop procrastinating. Basically (says the witch who just called her parents midway through marking an essay because her attention was wandering).

Mercury Retrof*ckery is nearly over

Everyone, we made it through ANOTHER Mercury Retrograde. Whether your ex resurfaced with a “how are you” text (WTF to those people), or your phone died, or your holiday got cancelled because of the Covid-19, Mercury had a field day with us this time round. As of March 10th, we’re out of Retrograde, but as always, please remember the Retroshade period of pain which is going to last for another few weeks. So I know you’re hovering your pen over that contract, but sign NOTHING for a couple more weeks, okay? Unless you really have to. I understand that life happens. I’m not a monster and I may be One Boss Witch but I am not the boss of you. But do take it easy – be kind to yourself.

Friday the 13th

Image by iludeo from Pixabay

I actually love Friday the 13th. Not the film, I haven’t seen that, much to Jessie’s dismay. Anyway, I love the number 13 and Friday the 13th is always a fun one to watch everyone around you lose their sh*t. According to this article, Friday 13th is supposed to have got its weird ‘bad luck’ reputation from something to. do with Judas Iscariot and the Last Supper. Whatever, everyone. Here are some great things about Friday the 13th:

  • Friday’s corresponding planet is Venus, which makes Fridays great for (ethical) love spells.
  • Essential oils corresponding with Friday according to Allure are some of my personal faves: Rose, Yarrow, Cardamom, Sandalwood, Saffron, Vanilla.
  • Fridays are great for casting spells around love, friendship, healing relationships, creativity, music, pleasure, and beauty (although I personally think you are very beautiful already, please don’t change).
  • In numerology, 13 (1+3) gives us 4, which relates again to creativity, emotion and compassion, and corresponds with the heart chakra which just marries so beautifully with the Friday Venus love vibes.

So fear not, witches! Friday 13th is a great day. Get your magic on.

Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay

Anyway, in summary, this week might be tough, but it’s going to end with a beautiful Friday 13th so I strongly suggest that if you have a sweetie, you plan something romantic for Friday eve, and if you do not and would like one, that would be a great day to cast your love-drawing spell. If you don’t want a significant other, more power to you! Maybe take a luxurious self-love bath, because you deserve it.

What are you planning for this week?



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Witchcraft Wednesday: What’s the Deal With Magic Wands?

Happy Witchcraft Wednesday, witches and friends! I hope you’re having a wonderful week thus far.

For myself, I am recovering well from surgery (thank you for your well-wishes) and I am excited to get back into the swing of regular blog posts.

As tradition has it, on Wednesday we do Witching. Today, instead of a spell, I wanted to talk about some tools of the trade – more specifically, the magic wand.

What is a Wand?

A wand is a long, thin and pointed object which we use in the Craft in order to direct our energies. It is not, unfortunately, the Harry Potter kind, that you can point at something and open a lock. WE WISH. But that doesn’t mean that wands aren’t powerful.

As Judika Illes writes in The Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells, “Because magic wands are such an important component in portrayals of fantasy magic, it’s crucial to point out that it is not the wand that works; it is the practitioner. The wand is merely a tool with which to direct the user’s will or intention” (p.97).

So much as we can use the Athame to direct our intentions or cut metaphorical ties, we use the wand to channel our own powers into our spellwork.

What is a wand made of?

As you will know, one of my favourite things about witchcraft is its flexibility. We can use almost any material to channel our energies, especially those that come from nature. For example, you could ask a favourite tree very nicely if it would mind gifting you one of its small branches to carve into a wand. If you have a personal connection with that tree, the wand will be all the more powerful. However, please do make sure that the tree is willing, and always offer some kind of thanks, such as water and fruit, or a splash of liquor or crystals.

Alternatively, you may like to use a Selenite wand. Selenite is known to have an energy of purification and cleansing. As a self-cleansing and charging crystal, it is very powerful, and makes a wonderful wand. I always keep a Selenite wand handy – either on my altar or by my bed so that I can cleanse my energies daily.

You can also get fancy with wands – many clever witches craft wands combining wood, metal, crystals and more. As always, do what feels right for you.

Again, in the Encyclopedia, Judika Illes suggests the following:

UseWood Type
DivinationAsh, Rowan, Willow
ExorcismDate Palm, Tamarisk
Healing MagicHazel
Love MagicApple, Ash Tree
Prosperity MagicAsh
ProtectionBlackthorn, Olive, Rowan
Spirit WorkElder
From The Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells, p.99

How do I use it?

Image by Adina Voicu from Pixabay

Keep your wand wrapped in magical fabric, for example, silk, when it is not in use. You want to keep your wand safe and protected.

Use your wand to cast your circle. Visualise your energies leaving the wand and drawing the circle as you call in the Elements. Literally use it to draw the safety line of your space.

When spell-casting, retrieve and cleanse/charge your wand, much as you would your crystals, and focus your energy into it. For example, if you were working a protection spell jar, you would channel your energy into the wand as you recite your incantations, and point it at the jar as you repeat your spell’s words.

Image by Yinan Chen from Pixabay

I love using my Selenite wand to cleanse spaces and objects of negative energies. I simply walk around a room, directing my wand at objects or areas, and say something along the lines of, “I cleanse this <whatever> of negative energies, and charge it with positivity, safety and protection”.

Now that you have introduced yourself to your wand, yes, you may play Harry Potter. But don’t expect a Patronus to come shooting out of it. Although, if you manage that one, please let me know.

Do you use a wand in your witchcraft?



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Witchcraft Wednesday: A Valentines Self-Love Ritual

Greetings, witches and friends! It’s coming up to that time of the year when we either feel warm and squishy or dark and stormy. Or completely ambivalent. Anyway. It’s coming up to Valentines Day.

The grim truth about Valentines Day

Okay, everyone, let’s get real. Valentines Day comes from a pretty bloody background. Basically, the name (Valentine) comes from two dudes executed by the Roman emperor Claudius on the same day (February 14th) back in the 3rd century. The Christians decided these two were martyrs, and that’s why the day was named for St. Valentine. In addition, those Romans were having a pretty Bacchanalian festival called Lupercalia, which you can read more about here, but basically involved animal sacrifices, a lottery in which men and women were matched for *ahem* things for the festival (13-15th February) and also women scrambled to be whipped by men with the hides of sacrificed animals because it was said to increase fertility. So there’s that. The sex part of that is probably where the whole romantic Valentines Day thing came from. Mmm. Romantic. Anyway, on the other side of the little sea, “around the same time, the Normans celebrated Galatin’s Day. Galatin meant “lover of women.”” (Britannica).

So what’s the point?

The point, my friends, is that Valentines Day comes from a very different place than the vibes with which the modern world celebrates, so, in my book, that means we can celebrate it however you want. Except please don’t sacrifice goats or dogs (I can’t believe this is not the first time I’ve asked my readers not to sacrifice puppies).

Image by Vicki Nunn from Pixabay

Funnily enough, that ‘Galatin’s Day’ I mentioned means “lover of women”, which is kind of cute when you think about our modern concept of Galentines Day, in which we celebrate our favourite friends. Anyway. As per, I digress.

A Self-Love Ritual for Valentines Day

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

For this ritual, you will need some form of the following:

A bathtub (or shower)
Some bath salts
Love Oil (or essential oil)
A pink candle
A crystal, like a Rose Quartz, or something else that, to you, represents self love.

The first step is to bathe. If you have a bathtub, throw in those ritual salts (or some delicious bubble bath) and light a candle. Set the mood. Luxuriate in the water. Warm your body, warm your soul.

If you haven’t got a tub, just take a long, gorgeous shower until you feel lovely and clean. Maybe pop some drops of that Love Oil onto the floor of the shower, out of the direct stream of the water, and let that aroma steam up.

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Once you’re clean and feeling warm and relaxed, it’s time to cast your circle, or cleanse your space in whichever way you prefer. If you don’t like to use herb bundles, you can use a spray or spritz, incense, or just ring a bell or play some vibey music.

Now, set up your pink candle. Anoint it with the Love Oil, and focus all of your energies into channeling your intentions and feelings of self-appreciation into that candle. Now is the time to say nice things to yourself. Think about the great things you’ve achieved. Think about the love that you have in your life, and the love that you deserve in your life.

Light your candle, and, holding your crystal or the object of your focus, meditate on those thoughts. Repeat some affirmations or a mantra. For example,

I am filled with love, for myself, for my family, for my friends, and for the Universe.

I believe in the power of the Universe to bring me the love that I deserve.

My love for myself attracts the love that is meant for me.

Use your imagination, and really think about your presence in the moment, and your real-time affirmations. Use that intention.

Image by Martina Bulková from Pixabay

Keep going for as long as you feel you need to, or until the candle has burned out.

Now it is time to close the circle, or signify the ending of your ritual.

Wrap the candle in a piece of cloth, preferably silk, and bury it in the earth when you next can.

Now, pour yourself a glass of wine/whisky/poison of choice, and relax. You’ve earned it.

OBW Love Oil

If you’d like to order my homemade Love Oil, please contact me. Currently in stock and charged under a New Moon. But it won’t last…

Oh, and as a thank you for your readership, enjoy a special 15% off EVERYTHING in my Etsy Shop between now and the 19th February, 2020. LOVE YOU! Use Offer Code VAL15.



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Spirituality, Fibroids and Facing Our Mortality (Part 1)

Greetings, witches! Slight trigger warning here: discussion of mortality, of illness, of surgery and some depressing sh*t. Maybe skip this one if you’re not feeling it today. Blessings!

As many of you will know, because I’ve mentioned it quite a lot, I had a surgery 2 weeks ago today. My surgery was classed as ‘elective’, but I wouldn’t really consider it that. It wasn’t cosmetic. I was in a lot of pain and discomfort, and for the past year or so, my life was severely impacted. I have uterine fibroids, which are non-cancerous tumours which grow inside, outside and/or within the walls of the uterus. My fibroids were both of the outside and in-the-wall varieties. The three outside were different sizes, but the largest was 12cm x 11cm x 8cm, which is, well, huge. About the size of an 27-week pregnancy. When they took them out, they weighed 850g. So that’s a lot of heavy tumour to be carrying around. Like a head of cauliflower.

Image by thraniwen from Pixabay

Anyway, the reason I wanted to write about this isn’t because of the fibroids or surgery specifically; it’s the spiritual sh*t that started to happen to me shortly after these succubus demons were diagnosed.

The first thing that happened was that, when the tumours were originally detected, I had a fairly untactful GP (not my regular doctor) who basically convinced me with her arm patting and sighing and gentle, sad words that I had The Big C. I walked out of her office and fell into floods of hysterical tears in the carpark, where poor Jessie panicked, too, because, well, wouldn’t you? I went home and got straight into bed, and I didn’t get out for about 2 weeks. Things that were going through my head at that time included my family, my friends, my partner… but the biggest shock to my system was this: I wasn’t done yet.

I suddenly felt like I’d been living in a haze of career-oriented panic, always trying to make money to buy a house, to keep the car, to buy things, get a PhD, achieve this and that. Total rat-race sh*t. I have an amazing partner, so I obviously don’t mean any of this about her – but all of a sudden, the rest of my life seemed like I had been wasting it.

As everyone does when they have a big health scare, I started planning for my inevitable demise. I planned my own funeral. I wrote a mental list of all the sh*t I needed to do, and then all the sh*t I wanted to do. I tried to figure out if we had enough money for me to spend my final months in Los Angeles, because that’s my favourite place in the world. If I was going out at 32, I was going out next to a pool with a fridge full of Wholefoods and eating amazing Mexican food like every single day. I was going out warm and freckled.

Image by Milan Ashley from Pixabay

I thought about my PhD – no point putting my last surges of energy into that, so that would have to go. Shame, because I wanted to die Dr. One Boss Witch, but never mind. It didn’t seem to matter so much anymore.

I wondered if I should go back home to Australia so my family didn’t have to come to the UK. I wondered if I’d ever see my Australian friends again. I wondered if I’d ever work on another film, or write another script again.

After a couple of weeks later, my blood test results came back, and it wasn’t The Big C. Yeah, I felt a huge rush of relief. I wanted to cry. Thank f*ck for that, because all of that planning for The End had seemed like a lot of work. I was in pain, I was uncomfortable, I was depressed as f*ck, but at least I wasn’t dying yet. I had more time.

Image by engin akyurt from Pixabay

Now is probably the time to mention my intense, all-encompassing fear of literally anything medical. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve feared the doctor. I’ve had nightmares about needles. Couldn’t watch a blood test on a TV show. Absolutely. F*cking. Terrified. My phobia of needles was diagnosed in my early twenties by a psychiatrist, who acknowledged that the physical symptoms I get (sweating palms, elevated heart rate, fainting, vomiting etc.) were, indeed, a real phobia. And it was never about pain – it was about something foreign piercing my skin and entering my flesh. Even worse – entering my veins. It was ice-cold paralysing.

So when it turned out that, not only would I have to see (DOOM DOOM DOOM) a gynaecological surgeon, I would also have to have multiple blood tests and, eventually, an actual, real-life SURGERY, I went into another spiral. When they talk about facing your fears, like flood therapy, it seems scary, yes. But when you realise that you actually, literally have zero choice about it, unless you want to live forever with an alien squashing your womb, and thereby limited your chances of becoming a mother, it is … well, ‘confronting’ seems too gentle a word. It was, as the Christians might say, a ‘Come to Jesus Moment’. Except I didn’t go to Jesus. I turned back to my old faith – the faith that was sitting inside me always, peeking out and practised quietly. I turned back to Witchcraft.

Image by Irina L from Pixabay

It started with meditation. My anxiety was so high that I had to go back onto meds for the first time in over three years. My GP (rather patronisingly) kept asking if I had ‘tried mindfulness’. Yes, Dr. Dude, I have tried mindfulness, but my entire life is falling apart. But the meditation felt good. So I started looking into more aromatherapy options for my anxiety, for my headaches, for my physical ailments. It all came flooding back to me.

One day, in the depths of despair and feeling like death warmed up, I got up early in the morning. I was doing the Deepak Chopra 21 Day Manifestation Challenge. I played the meditation, did the task, and, when I opened my eyes, I suddenly realised. I realised I needed my faith. I needed my spirituality. I needed to embrace that part of me that had been dormant for too long. And I began to let it out. I wore my Witch badge loud and proud, and One Boss Witch was born.

I don’t want to get too deep into all of this right now, because this is a fairly long post as it is. I’ll get to the surgery stuff and recovery bullsh*t next week. But if there’s one takeaway from part 1 of this blog duo, it’s this:

Life is short. Life is full of twists and turns. Life can turn you upside down and shake you until your pockets are empty and you hurl your guts up. So don’t hide the parts of you that make you YOU. Let them out.

Image by natureworks from Pixabay

My life is becoming richer. I am less afraid of my own mortality and my own body malfunctions. I had a f*cking major surgery, everyone, and I lived to tell the tale. I had more needles than I can tell you, and even scarier sh*t than that. More on that next time. For now, thank you for bearing with me. Thank you for joining me here on this blog, on Instagram, and in this lovely metaphysical community.

Blessings to you,


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Imbolc for the Modern Witch

This post originally appeared on Spirit Nest, where it was a guest post. Reposted with permission.

Imbolc for the Modern Witch
Image by Spirit Nest.

On February 1st, we move into one of the sweetest, purest Sabbats of the Witch’s calendar. Imbolc celebrates the near-end of the long Winter, bringing us towards the warmer part of the year, and celebrating the sprouting of new life from the Earth. The Wiccan tradition celebrates this as the strengthening of the Sun God, as he comes into his adulthood, and the Goddess is coming into her maidenhood once more, after birthing the God at Yule (yep, it’s convoluted and more confusing than your average family reunion).

Brigid, or Brighid, is the Irish triple Goddess of smithcraft, poetry and healing, who was worshipped as Goddess prior to the Christianisation of Ireland, and then sainted. Her origin story differs from Celtic pagan to Christian faiths, but everyone pretty much agrees that she is the Maiden, who blesses our crops and gives us sweet-smelling Spring flowers and the most joyful of all worldly creatures: tiny, dancing, bouncing lambs (insert love heart emoji eyes here). When I spent my first early February in Ireland with my partner’s family, I was amazed to see how seriously people took what they call St. Brigid’s Day. Everyone hung an item of clothing out of the window, and Brigid’s crosses popped up in the hands of children everywhere after making them at school.

For me, Imbolc is two-fold in its importance. Firstly, I celebrate the fact that we’ve (just about) made it through another Winter, and that Springtime is pushing its way through the Earth to burst forth with sumptuous flowers and edible plants. On the other hand, I look at Imbolc as a time of the year to make plans and sow seeds. I use it to meditate on the goals I want to accomplish, and to plan out how I can best serve those goals with actions.

How to make a Brigid’s Cross (video)

Here are just a few ways we’ll be celebrating Imbolc in our house (apartment).

  • Go searching for newly-sprouted wildflowers and (respectfully, asking permission of both the source and the owner, if it’s someone else’s land!) cut some flowers for your altar.
  • Speaking of altars, create a luscious Brigid-inspired display of white, green, silver, orange and red. Sprinkle with wildflowers and flame-related icons to honour Brigid and the Sun God. Add crystals that represent Imbolc, like amethyst, garnet, turquoise or aquamarine (all the prettiest shinies for this celebration!).
  • Now is a beautiful time to treat yourself to a love spell if you’re looking for a new connection. Place the focus on yourself – self-love and attracting the right love to you.
  • Make a Brigid’s cross to hang above the door or in the rafters (you fancy thing, you) of your home to protect your house or apartment from evil and fire for the year. Next Imbolc, you can burn this year’s cross and replace it with your fresh one.
  • Spring Clean. Okay, this one is just not one of my favorites, but for those of you not allergic to cleaning your own homes, now is the time to do a ritual cleansing. Mix magic into your floor wash, bless your broom and sweep away the spiritual cobwebs.
  • Now is also a great time to practice some healing magic, too. If you need to address some physical or emotional issues, take some time to meditate and make yourself a gorgeous ritual healing bath of salts, peppermint, rosemary and sage. Envision the energy of new life revitalizing your body and mind (don’t scrimp on the candles).
  • Speaking of new life and fertility, it’s not a bad time to think about getting it on. Imbolc is a fire festival, and a festival of love and reproduction. So, *ahem*, get out your sex magic supplies, if you practice in that way. If you’re trying to start a family, make a petition to Brigid. If you’re expecting, take some time to bond with your bump or new arrival, and thank the Goddesses for your blessings.
  • Finally – eat. Dairy-based foods celebrate the abundance brought by the return of the Sun, so make a cheese platter and eat some ice cream (that’s not traditional, I made that up, but it still counts). Bake breads and cakes with seeds, and use up the last of the Winter veggies in a hearty stew (with or without lamb, as is your preference). I’ll be baking and cooking up a whole lot of too much delicious food for us and some friends, to share the magic of the season.
Image by Hari Mohan from Pixabay

But most importantly, hold your love and loved ones close. Imbolc is the time to share feasts and make love, to manifest your goals and plant the seeds for what you wish to read through the year. Now is the time to look ahead and start planning for the abundance you know you’re ready to receive.

How do you celebrate Imbolc?


Spirit Nest

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Join the Imbolc Candle Ritual!

Got no time to cast your spells? Live in a shared house where you can’t exactly set up an altar? Or maybe you’re in the broom closet.

Join in the Imbolc fun with a dedicated candle in my personal group ceremony, focusing on manifestation, love attraction, self love and new life.

All you have to do to take part is:

Make a contribution of $3 (US) via Paypal with your full name (or whichever name you’d like me to think of you by), and a description of that which you would like to manifest. Almost like making a wish. And don’t forget to specify your preferred candle colour from silver, white, red, orange or green.

A group of lit white votive candles.

Imbolc is a beautiful time of the year to sow the seeds for that which we wish to reap throughout the calendar year. Whether it’s inspiration, prosperity or a new romantic connection, let me cast the spell for you. For my first public group ritual, I’m just asking for a contribution of $3 USD to cover supplies.

I’ll be posting a video of highlights from the ritual for you to see and enjoy on Instagram.

What are you waiting for?


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OBW x CostumierSaurus: Blindfold Spell for Eye-Opening


Welcome to a new week, Witches! I am super, super, super excited to bring you this spell. I was talking with my friend, CostumierSaurus, about blindfolds, and what they represent. To me, being blinded is significant when there is something in our lives that is hidden, that we’re not seeing. Sometimes this could be someone close to us hiding something from us, or when there’s something that just doesn’t add up, and we’re looking for truth which is hiding behind a veil.

So, I’ve partnered up with CS to bring you The OBW Blindfold Spell, to reveal hidden mysteries, f*ckery and shadiness. You. Are. Welcome.

A person wears a black blindfold. In the background, a witch’s altar.

Now, you don’t NEED this blindfold to perform this spell. However, as CostumierSaurus is, well, a costumier, she is very kindly giving a super special offer of 20% off on this item to OBW readers at her Etsy shop, if you would like to purchase it. It’s black silk, hand-finished, very sexy, and, oh, so versatile… (wink). Also, it’s really, really soft silk crepe and you can wear it as a witchy scarf. Anyway, the code is BOSSWITCH so go get it if you want it! Only valid for 7 days.

The OBW Blindfold Spell for Eye-Opening

You will need:

  • A blindfold
  • One white candle
  • A marker to draw, or a pencil to carve on your candle
  • A piece of paper and a pen (or double-use that pencil)
  • EITHER a few drops of Clary Sage oil OR some dried sage (yes, you can buy it from the supermarket). If you are using dried sage, you will need another carrier oil to bind it to the candle (any carrier oil will do, even olive).
A pen and paper, a candle with an eye drawn on it, a black blindfold and a bottle of Clary Sage essential oil.

If you would like to cast a circle before your practice, please do so. If you need information on how to do that, click here.

Now, take your pen and paper, and write down the truth that you are seeking. Examples might be, “What am I refusing to see?” or, “What do I need to let go of in order to move forward?”. After you’ve written it down on the paper, use your pencil to carve the question (or a symbol or sigil representing your question) into the candle. If you are using a marker (I have for ease of viewing!) It doesn’t have to be tidy – just do it intentionally.

A candle with an eye symbol on it sits next to a laptop and a bullet journal.

Once your candle is inscribed, take the Clary Sage oil (or carrier oil, e.g. olive, sweet almond) and anoint the candle (basically rub it on). If you are using dried sage, now is the time to use that oil to stick the dried sage to the candle. While you’re doing this, think about infusing the oil and the candle with your intentions. It can sometimes help to rub your hands together first, creating some palpable energy.

Take a match or a lighter, and light the candle. As you do, say,

“Mother Magic, Vision Mother,
Show me truth alone, no other.
May no secrets hidden lay,
And may no mysteries so stay.”

Once your candle is lit, rest your paper underneath it, and place the blindfold on yourself. Meditate on the secrets you wish to uncover. Now is the time to dig deep – think of all the clues you may have missed. Will in your elements – they are here to help you. Be calm, be objective. Go deep.

A candle with an eye drawn on it sits on top a folded piece of paper next to two other lit candles on an altar.
Need more spellwork? Check out the Etsy Page and use code OBWBLOG to get 10% off.

When you feel you have explored this issue to the fullest that you are able, say,

“I come here with open eyes,
These secrets to reveal,
No more stay hidden any lies,
Show me only what is real.”

Take off the blindfold and wait for the candle to burn down.

Close your circle – the spell is complete.

Wait for the truths to be revealed in the coming days.

Let me know how this spell goes for you – I’ve tried it and it’s a whopper.

And don’t forget, if you’d like that fancy AF blindfold, here’s the link. Offer code: BOSSWITCH. This code is valid for 7 days, so don’t delay to get your 20% off an (already very reasonably priced) exceptionally made piece. I’ll also show it off on Instagram!



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When You’re Too Tired to Witch

I saw an interesting post on Facebook yesterday which was essentially saying, it’s okay if you’re too tired to Witch right now. And that resonated with me. As I’ve said before, sometimes we can fall into the trap of labelling ourselves ‘good’ or ‘bad’ witches, in the sense of we might practise every day or not at all for weeks (not in the sense of ‘dark’ magic/k). For me, I’ve been feeling it lately, because I not only have a super busy work and PhD schedule, I also have some health problems which have really been affecting my ability to sit down and smash through things like I usually would (read: workaholic, burner of both ends of the candle etc.).

So I preach a lot of self-kindness and love, because I think it’s important to remember that we are also human beings, and sometimes it’s just not possible for us to hold down a day job, work our side hustle in the metaphysical world, or any other side hustle, AND meditate, AND care for kids if you are a parent, or care for another family member, AND keep on top of life admin etc. Short of taking performance-enhancing drugs and running a pretty kickass bullet journal game, there just aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything perfectly. And that’s okay.

Pedestrians seen from above on a busy walkway. Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay.

So today I wanted to talk about the way that I’m approaching 2020, because it’s still January, and we have a whole year to manifest all the sh*t that we want to achieve in the next twelve months. And I’m starting off shaky, with a pretty major surgery.

Health comes first.

That’s right, witches – health comes first. This isn’t easy to hear when, like me, you’re prone to Generalised Anxiety Disorder, you have too much on your plate, and your anxiety gets worse when you can’t eat everything on that plate. Let’s leave that metaphor there. So when we put our health first, that doesn’t mean you literally drop everything and everyone else from your list of priorities – it simply means a re-shuffle. For example:

If you need sleep to be at your best, then sleep. There is no point pulling an all-nighter trying to smash out some sh*tty version of something when you could sleep for 8 hours, wake up refreshed(ish) and do a better job of it in less time. That’s called productivity.

A person strains to open a large jar of pickles. Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Eat healthy food. If it takes an additional 15 minutes to make something with actual nutritional value rather than slapping together a PB&J, do it. Take those 15 minutes and make yourself some porridge, or a salad, or something with protein and greens in it. I believe in you.

Hydrate. I know, everyone says this. For me, hydration is a bugbear because I need to be hydrated but I also have to pee every 20 minutes because of my fibroids. However, if you weigh it up, hydration gives you better skin, better digestion function, more energy and generally keeps you ticking along. So don’t skip the H20. Please.

People perform yoga on a beach at dusk. Image by Welcome to all and thank you for your visit ! ツ from Pixabay

Schedule self-care time. I know it’s hard to schedule, but do it anyway. When I’m feeling super overwhelmed, I will literally plan out my day to the hours. For example, 0830-1030, I’m working on the PhD. Then I schedule a 15 min break. Then I spend another two hours on something else, then I take a lunch break (this is important). And maybe, just maybe, that night I might schedule time to take a ritual bath and meditate. Why? Because it gives my brain a chance to recuperate and rest, soothes my body and reinvigorates my soul. That, in turn, allows me to sleep better (see point 1) and basically gets the routine into a healthy situation.

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Check in with yourself. At least 3 times each day, I want you to stop, breathe, and check in with your body and mind. Are you holding tension? Is your posture causing you pain? Then re-arrange it. Are you feeling tired? Maybe you need a 20 minute nap. Are you feeling sluggish? You might need a green juice. And so on. By checking in with your body and mind, you can assess throughout the day what you need to keep yourself ticking, and to keep yourself in good shape.

Say ‘no’ to things.

I’ve harped on this before, but it is so important. If someone asks you to do something that you don’t want to do, don’t do it. If it doesn’t serve you, don’t do it. If it doesn’t give you mental, emotional or physical fulfilment, don’t do it. Say no. There’s a whole blog post here about this, and I will never stop preaching the gospel of F*CKING SAYING NO.

Be open about your boundaries and limitations.

A person eats popcorn and watches television. Image by Jan Vašek from Pixabay

This is the kicker. If you are open with your family, partner, friends, and colleagues about your limitations, you will be surprised how receptive and understanding they can be. I have a very supportive partner, who is constantly reminding me to chill the f*ck out and have a rest when I need it. If you don’t have that, then start setting those boundaries. Try saying things like, “thank you so much for the invitation. Unfortunately, I’m not feeling too well this week, so I’m going to catch you next time. Have a great evening!”. It is so refreshing to say no to something without making up a lie to make someone else feel better. Just say no, explain the boundaries, and enjoy your evening recharging and watching Cheer on Netflix.

Another thing to remember is that it’s okay to cancel. If you made plans but you’ve woken up in pain/nauseous/exhausted or you just don’t fancy that activity anymore, then say that. The people in your life who care about you will understand.

So now to the Witching

An altar set up with a Grimoire, three lit candles, a small leather book with a Goddess pendant on it, some crystal, a jar and a sage bundle. Image by Tracy Lundgren from Pixabay.

All of this has been really related to life admin and socialisation and work, but I promise I’m coming back to the witching.

When we place pressure on ourselves, it adds more stress to our lives. And witching should not be stressful. It should be spiritual, add calm and joy to our lives. So if your witching schedule is getting you worked up, re-assess it. Because we can be witches without honouring every single Sabbat, without making moon water every single time we ‘should’ be doing so. We can meditate in bed without lighting up the altar and performing rituals. Even taking a walk is witching when you do it with intention. So the next time that you’re beating yourself up because you missed a ritual or casting a spell, or you lit the wrong candle, or you forgot to do anything at all and just binge-watched something, forgive yourself immediately. Because you have nothing to feel guilty about.

Being a witch is something we are, not something we do. Being any kind of spiritual person is an embodiment of spirit, rather than just ritual and words and grimoires and card readings.

When you have the energy, if you want to, perform a ritual. Until then, don’t be so hard on yourself, friend. You are a witch, and I love you.

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Witchcraft Wednesday: Witchcraft on the Go

It can be tough to be a witch when you have to work away. Or maybe you visit family a lot, or perhaps you’re a traveling brooms salesperson. I don’t know you.

For me, I have to work away sometimes. And often I’m gone for between one and five days, which means I’m packing light. I only have a carry-on, and that means that I cannot, CANNOT bring my entire altar and witch kit with me. Sadly.

So how do we maintain our practice when we’re on the move? If you pop over to Instagram, you’ll find a veritable bevy of #travelaltar posts and some of them are super cute and detailed and come in their own teeny tiny little cases.

But I live in the real world (well, my real world), where I don’t have the f*cking time to pack like that, friends. This week I’m in London for work and I packed in TWENTY-SEVEN MINUTES, including makeup and toiletries. That’s good, even for me. And I was racing the clock, because I’d had an appointment over-run. So the last thing I have time to do when I’m speed-packing for mandatory work trips is putting together an adorable little travel altar with its own case. It’s not happening. So let me tell you how I do.

Introducing: The Handbag Altar

A deck of Tarot cards, a metal pentagram, a Selenite wand, a black candle, a white candle and three crystals sit on a white sheet.

Welcome to my travel altar. It lives in the little zip purse that lives inside and is attached to my actual handbag that I love and adore and never want to get worn out. I bought in on eBay and it’s All Saints and anyway, that’s another story (note to self: Fashion Friday / Witch Bags?). So this is my process:

  1. Pack everything I own
  2. Remove everything from case
  3. Chuck 4 outfits into case
  4. Think about it for a bit
  5. Grab toiletries and makeup
  6. Wonder how much jewellery to bring and where I put it all
  7. Realise I never unpacked it from my last trip
  8. About to leave, remember THE TRAVEL ALTAR.
  9. Grab sh*t, chuck it in zip purse, done.

Okay, so to be fair, I do have some stuff which always lives in my handbag. Hematite, Red Jasper, always in there. Sometimes other assorted crystals depending on how and what I’ve been feeling. But my travel altar on the go includes:

A metal pentagram holds a black candle, and Hematite, Obsidian and Red Jasper crystals. A Selenite wand sits in front of it.
  • Pentagram (nice to hold candles, crystals etc and provide a focal point)
  • Black spell candle (because black is nice and versatile, and let’s be honest, if I’m away on a work trip and I need to do a spell, it’s probably to banish negative energy)
  • White candle (just in case I need it for anything else)
  • Lighter (because I made that mistake once)
  • Tarot Cards (because they’re versatile, and they cover both divination and spellwork. You are welcome)
  • Crystals – Hematite, Red Jasper, Obsidian, Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz etc, but let’s be honest, it’s whatever additional crystals I grab on the way out
  • Selenite wand to cleanse myself morning and night because you just don’t know what kind of energies have been living in that hotel room before you.
A tan leather handbag and matching smaller pouch. In front of them, a deck of Tarot cards with The Hermit at the top of the deck.

I also tend to bring some oils, but I’ll tell you a secret: I use Goddess perfume oil from Lush as my daily scent and guess what? It smells f*cking delicious and sometimes I use it to anoint candles, too. I don’t know what they put in there, probably crack because it’s so addictive, but I am quite sure it smells like money and also abundance, okay? So I use it to dress my candles when I’m on the go so I don’t have to bring the whole essential oil kit.

I do tend to also travel with peppermint oil, but that’s more in case of headaches/migraines or indigestion. Just my crone trick for you, there. Again, you are welcome.

A hand holds up an Obsidian crystal in a hotel room.

I realise that this might seem haphazard for someone who’s always going on about intention. Like, surely, OBW, you’re not being very f*cking intentional about that packing, are you? But hear me out: YOU ARE THE MAGIC. Wherever you go, your magic is with you. Whether you have oils, candles, pentagrams, cards – your magic is about your spiritual intention, and not the sh*t you have. Because let’s face it: witches are hoarders. And we have a lot of sh*t.

What witchy items live in your handbag?



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2020 Vision

A small child wearing a knitted hat sits on a bed. A Christmas tree in the background, and presents beside them wrapped in brown paper.

Greetings, Boss Witches! And I hope you all had a wonderful festive season, whether you were celebrating Yule, Hanukkah, Christmas, Saturnalia…or anything else.

2019 for me was a buster. It was a hard no from me. I had a f*cker of a time with my health starting last January, and I’m just now this month getting treatment for that (although I must say that I am so grateful to the NHS for the services they provide because I know that in many countries a surgery like this could bankrupt me). My mental health was up and down, mostly down, due to said medical clusterf*ckery, and I went back onto anxiety meds, onto some new ones a month later, changed again 10 days after that and have since gone up in the dosage twice. I am the first to say that if you want to take meds, f*cking do it. If you don’t believe in taking meds, that’s fine, too – just let everyone else make up their own minds, yeah?

A large rope tied in a tight knot.

Anyway. In the midst of all that health drama, I was also contending with trying to get my PhD finished (spoiler alert: I didn’t, and that’s okay, too). I’ll soon be putting in for my second thesis extension which hurts my Virgoan heart, but that’s one of the lessons I learned in 2019: health comes first, and the world is not actually going to end if you take an extra year to finish your thesis. Meanwhile, I had exciting opportunities for work stuff which then went away, making for another tough transition.

I know, this all sounds a bit dreary. Don’t worry – we’re getting to the good stuff.

In the midst of all of this doom and gloom, I realised that something was missing from my life, despite the fact that every day’s to-do list was brimming and I was constantly feeling overwhelmed. Basically, I had lost my spirit. I’d let this strong, witchy, spiritual part of myself drown underneath all of the bullsh*t that had consumed my life. And here I was, 33 years old and (relatively) healthy, with a loving relationship and bright things on the horizon, and yet I could not pull myself out of the slump.

A person practises yoga in front of a pink painted wall mural.

That’s when I started this blog, and I committed myself back to getting in touch with my spirit and, well, Spirit. And since that fateful day, just over 4 months ago, I have been reinvigorated with hope, with purpose, with that deeper connection that I was lacking. I meditate twice a day, usually. I am mindful about the way I speak to myself and others. I practise my spellwork and my Tarot just about daily. And, most importantly, I reconnected with that community from whom I’d cut myself off the last few years (without meaning to). I re-learned what self-care really means. I appreciated the support I get from my family and my partner, and her family. I’ve re-adjusted to life as it is, and not as I wanted it to be, because opening our eyes can be the first step to building that dream life.

OBW Spell Jar (Love Spell) for Self-Love or Romantic Love. A glass jar filled with herbs, salts, crystals and orange peel sits on an altar next to a pink candle. A pink ribbon and a piece of white string are tied around the bottle. (SHOP THIS ITEM)

So really, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for being part of OBW. For coming here and reading my (recently intermittent) blog posts; for following me on Instagram, for reaching out with kind words, for including me in your community, for inviting me to your book clubs and for asking me questions and booking sessions with me. All of those things bring my heart fullness and warmth, and help to bring me up when I get a bit fearful about the next couple of months and post-surgery.

A spread of Tarot cards. To book a reading, CLICK HERE.

2020 is going to be the year for us. Next week the blog is back 3 times per week, Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays, and the newsletter will be out on Thursdays. Don’t forget to sign up to that below! You can also follow this blog so that you get it straight to your inbox. The newsletter is getting a bit more pimped out this year, and there will be weekly Tarot readings just for you gorgeous subscribers, as well as some giveaways coming up.

This is year of integrity for me – integrity to myself, and integrity to you.

In the meantime, if you’d like to book an online Tarot reading or personal spell/cleansing work, please contact me. I’d be super happy to help, and I have some availability up until the 20th January. After that I will re-open for bookings once I’m able to manage them.



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