Join the Imbolc Candle Ritual!

Got no time to cast your spells? Live in a shared house where you can’t exactly set up an altar? Or maybe you’re in the broom closet.

Join in the Imbolc fun with a dedicated candle in my personal group ceremony, focusing on manifestation, love attraction, self love and new life.

All you have to do to take part is:

Make a contribution of $3 (US) via Paypal with your full name (or whichever name you’d like me to think of you by), and a description of that which you would like to manifest. Almost like making a wish. And don’t forget to specify your preferred candle colour from silver, white, red, orange or green.

A group of lit white votive candles.

Imbolc is a beautiful time of the year to sow the seeds for that which we wish to reap throughout the calendar year. Whether it’s inspiration, prosperity or a new romantic connection, let me cast the spell for you. For my first public group ritual, I’m just asking for a contribution of $3 USD to cover supplies.

I’ll be posting a video of highlights from the ritual for you to see and enjoy on Instagram.

What are you waiting for?


Welcome to the Coven!

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