What is Magic to You?

I’ve had people make fun of me for believing in magic. Anyone who believes in magic will experience that at some point – it’s the same as the clash between religion and science – how can two things exist that are counter-intuitive?

Last night someone said to me that, “Science is magic that has been proven, and magic is science that hasn’t.” Or something along those lines. It makes sense, though – think of all the things that have been ‘discovered’ scientifically in just the past 50 years. Those things would have been considered magical a time ago.

A person with long, blonde hair reads a book in a field. Magical sparks fly from the book.

I’ve always believed that magic was possible, and that it exists. We know that, as humans, there are parts of our brains that we don’t necessarily access or use to the heights of their ability. And if you have ever practised meditation, you’ll understand me when I say that that moment, that first time when you ‘get it’, it feels like magic. For the first time, your brain has experienced true stillness. Of course, then you realise you’re ‘doing’ it, and then it’s broken. But that first moment is still special.

Other forms of magic could be things like the fact that I ran Jessie a bath last night and I put full moon water and essential oils in it, spoke some words over it, and didn’t tell her. So when she came out of the bath and her injury was feeling a lot better, we couldn’t explain it. Is it just the thought of magic, the sort of placebo effect? Well, I’d ask – does it actually matter?

A glass jar with a cork in it sits amid purple wildflowers in the grass. Some flowers are also inside the bottle.

What does ‘magic’ mean? Is it just something we can’t explain? Or is it something otherworldly? I would argue that magic is perhaps just using the power of the mind. If we look at anything – manifestation, meditation, abundance mindsets, even holistic remedies – isn’t that magic? But isn’t it also science?

Meditation makes me calmer, clearer and happier. That’s science, and it’s magic. I don’t think the two are mutually exclusive. Casting a spell is not that far off from using an abundance mindset to achieve your goals and dreams. We are using our brains and minds to essentially will something into or out of existence/presence.

Personally, I believe that there is Something that is bigger than us. The Universe, or Spirit, or God/dess – whatever you want to call it. I think that the fact that our planet sustains such complex ecosystems and sprouts flowers in spring is magical. I think the fact that two people can be thinking of each other at the same exact second is magical. I believe that the Universe plays jokes on us (like teaching us to be specific when we are manifesting), and that sometimes things that are meant for us will find us, no matter what. Kismet, serendipity – what Pam Grossman calls, ‘the trail of cosmic breadcrumbs’ – it’s all magical to me, and it works in conjunction with the scientific basis for our existence. Do I believe that the Christian God created the Earth? No. Do I believe that something did, and for a reason? Absolutely.

An artistic black and white photograph of a person with long dark hair leaning backwards on a sofa. Repeated images of the person fade in their wake.

When we are children, we believe in Santa Claus, and fairies, and that our stuffed animals have feelings and are listening to us. I still think my stuffed rabbit has a soul, and that’s just how I feel about it. What happens to us that plants that cynicism within our minds, that tells us that science and magic are mutually exclusive?

I don’t know that I’ll ever have all the answers on this one, but I want to hear from you:

What does Magic mean to you?



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